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Sun & Moon Turtle Foundation

Sun & Moon Turtle Foundation protects, saves and monitors the breeding of sea turtles on Teshie Nungua Beach on the east coast of Accra. The foundation strongly holds the view that the concept of human development proceeds from human beings and it is the individual in full exercise of his or her faculties, rights and responsibilities that can develop

Similarly, in the concept of human development, everything around us is important including animals. It is in this sense, and in direct cooperation with the people whom we target, that we shall be developing our project - Sun & Moon Turtle Foundation, which is set out to become an organization of hope, specialized in all aspects that are concerned with the protection of sea turtles.

Pursuant to these objectives, Sun & Moon Turtle Foundation's mission shall derive its substance from the concepts and praxis as defined in our work, and will assist communities along the coastal areas in general and the youth in particular to change attitudes towards sea turtles.

About the turtles

The type of sea turtle found on our project grounds are Olive Ridley, Loggerhead and Green sea turtle. The populations of the Loggerhead and Green sea turtle have decreased a lot due to the increased poaching on the beach.

The Turtles come off shore to lay their eggs from August to March. As we are getting ready to save and protect the turtles for the next season, the poachers are also getting ready to hunt them. In this regard, the foundation has outlined collective and collaborative ideas in order not to lose any single sea turtle this season due to lack of logistics. We can only achieve this when people of the community come together as partners to address this issue.


On behalf of the above mention foundation, I hereby invite you to our fund raising program in aid of equipping our foundation to combat the poaches on the beach to save the sea turtles on the east coast of Accra and also other coasts of Ghana where there are sea turtles whom nobody is trying to save.

Our fund raising is designed for our partners to adopt any of the three speices of sea turtle that come off shore, their babies and eggs. After adoption one can decide to take care on the sea turtle by donating anything from the heart monthly, quarterly or yearly for the upkeep of the sea turtle, which is optional. Below is the price of adopting the sea turtles and their eggs.

Loggerhead $30

Olive Ridley $25

Green Turtle $25

Baby Turtle $15

Egg $10

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Yours truly, Emmanuel Tetteh Kuhameh, Chairman and Project Cordinator

Contact & booking

Call Yemma (Ghana): +233 244 26 31 40

Call Joseph (Sweden): +46 701 05 42 71


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